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  • hey just spent the last 1/2 hour copying msg's and takeing screen prints

    hope u get my msg...i wanna be here to post..just not sure after i tell these lamers off i am...just freaking piss's me off that if u tell some one they are the biggest lier ever ..u get banned...but if u post the bs u dont... got love the nut jobs ehh
    wow im less than 2 weeks later you ban me? isnt that special...btw just curious.. did the "lost" sheep i called out for being "lost" did they get their hands/fingers slapped for posting in the wrong places...or was I the only one called out tared and feathered.......yeah i know the answer to that don't i......thanks for the thanks... but really im at a loss for words here....
    heres the full link towards the bottom... omfg
    btw the post in the first part is what i msg'd the asshole...since he is the one that got mad at me for calling morons that posted in the wrong place..morons... will be interesting to see his response... damm
    i was shocked to find this... and by lost sheep im talking about hte morons i called morons and got banned for it... assholes
    lol told ya id keep them on they toes hahahah
    hi where did you get that road wallpaper ive been trying to find it hope you can help
    thanks adder
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