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  • Long time, no C :)

    I thought I remember U having an LG? Anyway, MetroPCS, LG Optimus L70 | LG Phones | Android Phones | No Contract | MetroPCS | MetroPCS, has this for $0 . I was hoping to get some feedback. There did not seem to be much here at the forum on this phone?
    Hey bro i was wondering if you could do a tweak for the spirit forum . I was reading how they want to swap sd cards like in our motions .
    hey, i was wondering if you can get boot buddy to work on cm10.1. i tried it and i got a syntax error. Also, i have a 16gig sd card and used boot buddy with 2gb left. what would happen if i uninstalled it. would my phone work? or would the apps no start up due to sd unbind? or explode cus internal is 5gb and all my 200 app will leak out? .please and thanks.
    Sorry about responding slow- IRL stuff going on. Ideally, I'd like a very long term solution that includes a link to a wiki-type webpage that has firmware torrents for all types of devices. We need to set something like that up first.
    I need to know if you want a special txt included with youf script. And this is real i will get bootbuddy well outside of usa. Incllude facebooj or twitter if you can,have folliwers.will help if you write something else people will found out faster this helps if you ever write something you charge for
    Hey bud.listen part of my formula for a massive torrent wave is what i call Cross linking. I make all the packages before release. Torrents have links to other torrents.with permission i would like to use bootbuddy. I can post it with any included text you like.I can make your software known and available to many android users everywhere. also theh will get info about firmware which will create a large population of seeds . Firmware downloaders can get info about bootbuddy as well. This will also will invite users and devs to visit our site. Let me know what you think
    The sd mounting guide can work, but the script would probably have to be modified. A better solution would be to see if you can fix it by modifying a file named like "vold" or "vold.fstab". The LG Motion 4G doesn't use vold for the sdcard, so more elaborate steps were necessary.
    Do you know how to get Google NOW to work on our LG motion? I followed the guide on the forum but nothing would be cool if I got to try it
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