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  • hey, bobcat-have temporary use of a computer. I've never seen this side of the forum, before. all the stats and the "likes". I never knew I had 12 likes, without me giving any. I didn't know how from a phone.
    anyway, its been almost a year, I see part of a conversation we must of had. what was it about? Also, how do I find out what my warnings were for way back then (my first infraction was 3 days from my join date!?) Anyway, I hope you are well, I don't know if you even hang here anymore or not...
    I like it here. Learning a lot (like I"m sportin' a Juggernaut 1.8ghz ROM in my S2!!).
    I've flashed with Odin and Kies. Rooted many times no errors. 3rd or 4th ROM now. But I crashed the pc I was using. Now I'm using a Linux pc! Can't even update to 4.0! oh well.
    so be good, brother.
    No problem. Anytime you need some help feel free to PM me and if I can't help I can put you on to right one who can.
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