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  • hi mate, I'm so all new to this and I don't want to get banned. I just want to know if its ok to ask about the blackmarket in this forum and of so which section u suggest me?

    When trying to change my rom, it gets stuck at the exclamation mark when trying to get into recovery mode... also I think I have the ROM in the right place but what directory should I have it in just incase?
    I tried to download the updated Baseboard/radio from (***Official Droid X Theme & Rom List*** (updated 11/15/11)) but the link you have there was broken, if you could please double check that it would be appreciated

    - Garfath
    hey man thanks for helping my girl , i fixed the contacts for her i just went back to her back up export to sd and re did the rom she said she liked an imported it , thank for your step by step help for her she wanted to do on her own an she got stomped so i stepped in , again thanks man
    whats that mean 2init rom i do those roms the same way i do these im doing now ? or something else also how do i get back up assistance back?
    My sgs i9000 is on new gb version xxjvs 2.3.5..i have just rooted my phone using chainfire root..
    I qa told any wipe/reset if I have force close errors..
    Or shall I wipe/reset anyway to be safe.?? (will root stay if I wipe/reset a few days after..
    Before wipe/reset I must back up all my apps files contacts etc.??

    Appreciate your help
    Hey bro I was wondering if you could help me out I got a replacement for my DX and it came with stock. 596 do you know what the best method to get me to the rooted .596 would be? Or if you can't help can you point me to someone who can?
    i would like to know more of your two line scenario. a verizon rep tried to get me to do it the other day, but he was really off putting, with his tweaker attitude, and shifty, beady eyes.
    I've though about it like I told you before. Last week I was setting up My ubuntu setup to be able to create some ROMs. I didn't finish setting up though. Plus, I still haven't convinced myself that I should create a ROM :D
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