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  • hi wetbiker7 i was wondering if we can flash the pac man kit kat rom on our phones ? the s3 boost its a good rom but its not in our form also i just wanted to thank you for all your help when i have a problem i usually can find a fix on your post
    Sprint Galaxy S III Android Development - xda-developers

    this is up and running on static rom mk3 it may be a way around msl completly i dont even need mine prl write also
    Hey Wetbiker, how are ya?

    I was wondering if I can ask you the same thing instagator asked. I have a Boost S3, with MG2, and I was hoping you can tell me the best root option to remove bloat, get tether, and keep 4g. I do not want any ROMs and Im getting nervous with all of the info thats on here. It can be overwhelming.

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Thank you very much
    Hi Wet. Want to pick your brain. I retired my Marquee, just got a S3 2 weeks ago. All your work/help on my Marquee was instrumental in its smooth operation. Really happy with my S3, didn't know if I would root it. I drive truck over the road, Im interested in rooting for tethering, getting rid of bloat to help battery life. Entered S3 forum, was happy to see you here working on the S3. Looks like a bunch of options and ROMs available. Not sure if I want to install a ROM, or just root to rid the bloat and get WiFi Tether. There is allot of info and can be overwhelming given my online time being limited. Want to get your guidance in what is the best/easiest/foolproof way to root, rid myself of bloat, and get tether working. If I was to install a ROM, which do you recommend that is the most trouble free that has working 4G and MMS. Any guidance/tutorial would be appreciated, Willing to donate for your hard work and time. Tx, have a Gr8 day. G8r
    Check out this site 4.4 apps: Download Android 4.4 Kitkat Launcher apk, camera Apk & More Apps
    Odin one clicks(rooted)

    this is a way out of problems when odin is available. sprint tar files. fix mms needed
    @ Kevin. What do you mean it has a 1 click beta signup on xda? I'm not sure what you are referring to bro.
    Whats' up bro? Just got your PM..... sorry it took so long to get back to you. I've been out of town. Just brought home the HTC One SV too!!! WoooHooo!! :)
    Hey bro, check out this new rom I'm about to through on my GNEX.
    Eclipse Rom toroplus - v5.0 build 1 - 06/10/13 - Welcome to the Dark!!!!
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