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  1. Skynet11

    Official HTC Nexus One User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC Nexus One User Manual - The official HTC Nexus One User Guide Read more about this resource...
  2. J

    Help Looking for the Safety/Regulatory booklet that came with Nexus One

    If anyone with a Nexus One still has their safety/regulatory booklet, could they post a picture of the EU conformity page. I think it is around page 16 of the booklet. Much appreciated.
  3. DirtyDee

    Do Dirtydee's dream of androids sheep?

    So I just woke up from a strange dream staring and android device but some background. Today I saw my first nexus one in the wild with its the nexus live wallpaper on it. Samoled display at 3.7 and I felt envious of the classic device still in use, despite have a Sony Xperia tl in hand and Droid...
  4. S

    Help nexus 7 screen unlock issue (is this the touchsreen issue?)

    Every now and then when i try to unlock the screen on the Nexus 7 and i drag the unlock icon to unlock it, the screen just shuts off again. I can press the power button to bring the screen back on, but i'm unable to unlock it. The only way out of this is to restart it. I don't think this is...
  5. S

    Update my nexus one to Gingerbread ?

    Hi, I recently bought a Brand new Nexus one of eBay as i have always loved them and decided to buy my self one. Im not anything new to Android ( i already have a Galaxy Note 3 and a 2013 Nexus 7 ) but my N1 has come with 2.2.1 Froyo and i know these can be updated to Gingerbread but ive had no...
  6. K

    Help Did my Galaxy Nexus update or just die?

    Hi everyone, Something weird happened with my Galaxy Nexus today. I pulled it out of my pocket, and it wanted me to unlock my SIM card, as if I'd turned the phone off completely. So I put in my PIN and it went to a few settings screens (wanting to know which language I wanted, what my email...
  7. I

    Hide apps on screen

    I have children and there are certain apps I don't want them to see or use if I let them play on my phone. I have tried different lock apps but that's not what I need. I don't want them to see the name or be able to open the app. Also can u do the same thing to photos ? Thanks ahead for any...
  8. wolfdogg

    calc on lockscreen? wtf

    i have a sch-1515 Nexus Toro, i modded it with, and i cant figure out how to get the calculator off the lockscreen, and or where it came from. i already went into rom custom lockscreen settings and toggled on and off the widget settings. I see a calc, then when...
  9. A

    Android 2.3.6 Nexus One Contacts Won't Save Problem

    Hi All, I have a Nexus One phone running Android 2.3.6. When I go to... Contacts -> New Contacts -> [Enter New Contact] -> Done... The system tells me that the contact has been saved, but the contact doesn't show up on my contacts list. TIA for any guidance.
  10. G

    Help Recent battery drain

    Hi guys, hope there are still people around here. After being fine for a couple of years, my Nexus one suddenly failed to hold charge for more than a few hours, and that was just sitting idle with the screen off. I checked the battery processing, and the 'idle' process was 99%. So I bought a...
  11. L

    Help Phone is trying to shut down like crazy

    Two days after travelling in airplane my phone started to intermittently shut down by showing the airplane mode-shut down options or by just turning off and, instantly, afterwards turning on continuously. When I actually got to shut it off manually it turn on after a little while with out me...
  12. Y

    Root Custom ROMs installation failed

    Hello, I've got a problem with my Nexus One. I'm trying to install different ROMs without success, like cyanogenmod10, AOKP and few others, but I always have the same error: Installing update... symlink: some symlinks failed ... (Status 7) Installation aborted I did prepare my Nexus One: 1...
  13. B

    Help Cannot charge the phone - charges either very slowly or not charging at all

    I'm having a problem charging my _new_ Nexus One. In two words - doesn't charge. Tried two batteries and two wall chargers + USB; same result - it charges VERY slowly when the phone is off - like, 1% per hour, and not-fast-enough-to-stay-alive when the phone is on. So I've been googling for...
  14. T

    Help HTC Nexus One will not boot past X

    Hello there, I will start by saying that I have no knowledge of Android software or the processes behind them. So I have come here to resolve a problem with a phone that I have been given to use while my windows mobile is off being fixed: I have been given the HTC Google Nexus One phone...
  15. theartfullodger

    HTC payout over 2-year warranty **UK**

    Readers may be interested, particularly in UK... I'd had three repairs done by HTC (or their UK agents, Regeneris..) on my little 'droid... one for free (as it should have been..), the other two charged for (almost
  16. G

    nexus one and jelly bean

    Can any body telll how to install jelly bean on nexus one in simple steps. I have downloaded and kept the jelly bean file on SB card and followed the boot procedure. it start the opening the file and then says can not continue. Is there any other mothod?
  17. Hook

    Sad To Say, My Nexus One is Dead.

    Well, maybe not too sad. I just received the Nexus 4 I ordered monday when I realized my Nexus One had died. Sunday night, the Nexus One turned itself off and no amount of coaxing would make the power button operate. I could have tried the jump start procedure, but shutting itself down with...
  18. S

    Vibration Overload

    I cannot seem to stop my phone from vibrating when I make a call. It seems to vibrate a couple timese when the ringing starts, and again when the other party answers it vibrates several times. Can someone please help me... I cannot handle it... It's shaking the few brain cells I have left!!!
  19. S

    Help flashing microSD card.

    Hi all, I own a Google Nexus One, which I messed up the OS whilst travelling. From memory, it was updating to a new version, and the battery died during flashing. Should really have had it on mains, but didnt think haha Now, I have plugged the microSD into a USB adapter and copied all my...
  20. 1080p

    The video that jumpstarted the Nexus One excitement back in the day!

    Nexus One Animations and Demo (version without breasts) - YouTube!
  21. C

    Wifi repeater bother. N1 only connecting to network.

    Ok, so I find network stuff pretty confusing... I basically managed to set up a tplink wifi range extender (which I already owned) in my flat because the router supplied by my ISP is crap and can barely make it through walls. Strangely, though my N1 connects fine to the internet via the...
  22. S

    Nexus One stuck at welcome screen.

    Hey all!, Recently I have been experiecing some problems with my Nexus One phone. First of all, the power button of this phone broke, I simply fixed this by installing an app which makes the volume button function as the power button. Now yesterday my phone got stuck (which happens...
  23. A

    Root Is it safe to install Cyanogenmod using Rom Manager?

    I just got my N1 few days back..after reading through lot of posts..was finally able to root it using "superoneclick". Then installed rom manager and wanted to partition my 16gb mem card, so i went into CWM recovery (latest) from rom manager, selected 2gb partition wid 32mb swap, then it went...
  24. M

    Root Can't seem to find stock HBOOT Partition Size

    I'm an idiot, Mods if you could delete this that would be great. Thank you.
  25. M

    Wifi Just Doesn't Scan

    Alright, so I just grabbed a used N1 off of Gazelle for a fair price, and supposedly it was fully working. The N1 had come rooted and running OxygeN1 ROM and everything worked perfectly fine, except for the fact that it doesn't seem to want to find any wifi signals. Now I'm in the process...