I'd be wary buying something that's being marketed so poorly. It runs Android OS 1.5 and supports Flash video? I didn't think this was possible? HD Movies (all formats too), on a 800x420 screen??

Seems to me like the copy was written at best by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about; how would you know what you're buying?
Yeah, I would be wary of this .. you need to find a reseller that will run some benchmark software on it for you. Most of these that I've seen benchmarked actually run at 300-400mhz at most - which isn't going to be enough. I can attach a picture if you like.
You know, on Android it's not that bad .. i wouldn't run much simultaneously though, it would be like a windows pc running out of ram :)

OK true android can do almost anything on anything... Thats why we love it ;) .... but there would be no multitasking and if i get a tablet i want it to do at least what my phone will do lol if not more.
check out the chinese web pages concerning manufacturers of thesee tablets, they are all the same except the chip or the colour of the back casing, the newer versions have a front camera.there is at least 20 company's makingthese, but they are the same, 1.1ghz.1.2 ghz rubbish ,,,,500mhz tops.
Anybody seen this before? I just stumbled upon it thanks to deals.woot.com

7 Inch Google Android Tablet PC with 3G, WIFI, 1.1GHz CPU, G-Sensor, Camera - US$197.00 : Euogo.com

It's fast enough to run 2.2 and doesn't have a godawful bezel like most of the other tablets I've seen.

Looks like an apad, which some people like and some don't. Worst part about them is quality control, a lot of bad power jacks so they end up not charging, turning off suddenly, etc. As long as you get the one with the Rockchip CPU in it, and have the ability to return it if its defective, they're not bad, but surely there will be better options by the end of the summer.

Mine works fine with these apps I use most - Express News reader app, gmail app, aldiko book reader app, dolphin web browser, you tube app, video app, music app, photo browser, you definitely need ear buds for video or music though. It switches between apps in 1 to 2 seconds, which makes it feel real snappy.
Here's another positive review:
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