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[ROM-Beta] Android2.0_AOSP_Master for Dream Final Beta Version (12/02/09)
This is a build I made from the AOSP master branch. I made just a few changes;
-Used enmother's kernel (2.6.27) and wlan.ko and modified init.rc to call expinit (I really can't think of anything to call the scripts I use, so I go with his naming conventions)
-Clocked automatically to 528 MHz
-Support for third partition linux-swap, if no partition exists, compcache (24 mb) is used instead.
-5 screens Launcher with auto-rotate. Also, 5 app drawer icons in portrait and 6 in landscape, also, it's got my custom icon and widget layout (trying to figure out how to put music and power widget by default in there)
-Added wallpapers to launcher in mdpi that are only available on hdpi, same thing for app icons and a few other visuals

-Camera, Camcorder, and Gallery removed because HTC has not yet provided qualcomm drivers compatible with 2.0 (and 1.6 and earlier drivers can't be used).
-Google login is available, but this build has the same sync problems all other 2.0 builds have. I removed ContactsSyncAdapter because contact sync isn't working. Also removed the "Accounts" button from Contacts to avoid the force-close it causes.

For more information

[ROM-Beta] Android2.0_AOSP_Master for Dream Final Beta Version (12/02/09) - xda-developers
Speaking of Android 2.0, now check out this youtube release a few days ago

Hero 2.1 on G1/Dream

YouTube - Hero WITH Android 2.1 Running on My G1 =)

Man it's so smooth. Now there is no way Rogers can say 2.x will not run on a htc dream.

OMG! What a nerd! I never thought I would say that about anyone! :eek:

"nothing you can really use" - then seriously, big deal!

I'm not interested in really cool stuff! I don't care what version my Magic is on, as long as the things that don't work are fixed.

This guy didn't talk about, connecting to hidden SSID wifi, multi touch, 3G acquisition, faster camera (currently it is all but useless), etc.

I'm going to start a thread about the problems I want fixed by February 2010. I really don't care if I get OS 1.5b, 1.6, 2.0, or 2.x.

This video just proves another point I have made in the past. The Android team must assert more control over hardware manufacturers, in regards, to agreements that hardware specifications and drivers are *open*, backwards compatible, and available in a timely fashion. This video demonstrates that the Android team are completely dependent on HTC to write drivers that will allow the Dream / Magic / G1 to work with OS 2.1. This is NOT GOOD! Why should HTC spend money resources on older hardware when they would rather sell their latest hardware? If HTC's specifications and drivers were open, the community could take care of their own upgrades. That, in essence, was the original point of Android! Until this happen Android will continue to encounter problems with OS updates.

The iPhone's homogeneous and closed design has huge advantages over the Android. A consistent user experience, apps work (for the most part) across models, one desktop app for all models, peripherals are the same for all, developing for iPhone/iPod is much easier.

But thanks for posting this YouTube video... you are correct that this also proves that 2.1 should become available for the Magic and Dream.