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    I will introduce you an incredible card game. It's really worth to play. This is a combat card game combining RPG with strategy. Let's show its features one by one.

    It will not so easy like you thought! Because it is a strategy card game. There are hundreds of exquisite cards in game that provides various creative card collocations for players. You can finish a perfect combat through unlimited. Card collocation. Of course, you must be familiar with all the cards skills, or you will not know why you lost battle.

    RPG Element:

    The Norse mythology is the game background and players will play an independent warriors to start an adventure in game and experience breaking prison, joining Valhalla army, fighting with demons and incoming doomsday. Players can make their powerful outfits though collecting recipes and materials dropping from stages. They can also collect cards to build a powerful deck.

    Various gameplay: Pub, Arena and World Boss

    As a mobile online game, it is essential to have more interesting gameplay. In addition to the gameplay mentioned above, new version added new features, such as outfits inlay. There is not only "Ladder"(PVP), but also have "Arena"(PVP) with automatically matching players to fight. Of course, PVE will not be ignored in this game. Players can challenge World Boss third times in a day.

    Kill demons and Gods

    Chapter of Greece is available for players recently. Greek mythology tells a story that Gods fooled human and got attacked by human. Let's find out how is these things going and how the history will be.

    play store link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.RingRoveCard.TitansLight

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  3. Finallyok

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    Now, the game has six language now: Chinese, Russian, German, English,Spanish and French. Besides, there added card fragments and workshop to inlay gems on outfits, that will make your hero more powerful:)

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