A Shameful Hi

Hi all,

I've done this a little backwards but with good reason.
I registered here a few days back with a cry for help after rooting my phone for the first time and installing an MIUI rom which had parts still in chinese :eek:, I admit I spat my dummy out & panicked wanting to uninstall this abomination.

Since then I have successfully installed another version MIUI 1.8.26 and after taking a deep breath I quite simply and unashamedly LOVE it!!!!!!

All that is left to do is find my desperate post and apologise to anyone kind enough to reply. :D

So Hi all I'm sure you will see a few more posts from me as I still have much to learn. (This stuff has me feeling like I'm 80 years old its so much info)

A long Hi but hopefully you'll remember me when reading my noob posts and rolling your eyes :rolleyes:

HTC Desire
Android 2.3.5
ROMS: MIUI 1.8.26
SD Card: Un partitioned
Mission: make friends with the experts ;o)