Help Adding email to new Android phone


Hello. We are trying to add some business emails from hostgator and another host to a new Android phone in the "Email" app.

For the hostgator hosted website email, we are getting "Alert: Unable to connect to server to verify your account information. No response from server."

The email from the other site simply says, "Authentication Failed". I suspect this means this one may have incorrect information, though passwords seem to work in webmail for both email accounts...

We have been trying some of the troubleshooting suggested at with no different results.

We are having to manually enter the information, unlike some email providers like Gmail or Yahoo which I believe autofill the information.

When I go into the hostgator Cpanel > Email Accounts > Mail Client Configuration, I do not see any Automatic Configuration Scripts that appear to be related to Android... (It would seem this would be meant to streamline the process like the Gmail and Yahoo email autofilling described above)

For the hostgator email, we have tried entering server information both in the recommended (specific server) and the other settings, with the same resulting message.

Is there something that needs to be done on the hostgator/host or server side to facilitate adding email accounts? On hold with HostGator to get their take and suggestions, but perhaps there is something Android related in the setup process that we are missing...

It is proving very difficult to add email accounts to this smartphone... With iPhones, sometimes you have to remove an email address and then re-add it... The hostgator email address shows but cannot send or receive messages (presumably because it cannot connect to server)... We did connect to the wifi here to see if that is any better, but no changes yet...

We are new to android phones. Have any of you encountered this problem and resolved it? Please respond if you have any suggestions... Thank you in advance for any help.


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It looks like the "username" was a big part of the problem - We removed the previous attempts and started from scratch, putting the whole email address into username. It was grayed out before. That's whey we had to remove it first.

using IMAP and having mail. at the beginning of the server name instead of imap, pop, or smtp also seemed to help immensely. Hostgator support was actually really great.

We are still trying to get the Gmail account to RECEIVE emails, though it can send emails. We are also trying to change the default email, and we just started a new thread on that.