Adobe Reader for Android Released


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If you have used the words “Adobe” and “Android” in the same sentence in the past month, you have no doubt been talking about their work to get Flash onto smartphones as part of Android 2.2. But in all of the ensuing chaos, let’s not forget that Adobe also makes several other very useful products [...]



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This is actually very useful. My library uses ePub and Adobe Reader for digital books so this should make it a snap to put them on my Evo when I get it.



How do you load pdfs into it then? When I load up my HTC pdf reader (into my desire) it scans my phone and offers me a choice of the 30 or so files it finds.

Adobe Reader does nothing, and there's no load option on the menu or screen. What a joke.

After a few more minutes usage:

it's much slower than HTC's version. There's no `go to page` so when you want to go to page 340 of 500 you're just sitting there wearing away your screen as you flick up 200 times. Clearly none of the programmers who worked on this ever use it to read PDF files (just like the Windows Mobile version where there's no way of exiting full-screen mode so you have to kill it with a task manager).