All Contacts gone when updated to 2.1


Ok my friend and I both have the droid eris. I got the OTA update on Saturday issues.

Girlfriend got the update this AM at midnight, she updated, and now all of her contacts (Phone numbers) are all gone. Any insight to this? Or how to restore?

Thanks for any help given.


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I have a feeling she didn't know the difference between "phone" and "Google" contacts. If they were just phone contacts, that means she added them one by one into the phone and are in no way backed up, so they can be lost. Google contacts are ones that are backed up to your Gmail account and they should have synced right over after the OTA. Have her check her gmail account to see if there are any in there. If not... she's pretty much out of luck unless she did any other type of backup like Lookout or Mybackup Pro.
Hi there, first time / long time...

In preparation of the upgrade, I moved my phone contacts to google contacts, just so they're backed up somewhere, and in the future when I get another Android phone, I can just pull everything from the tubes.

However, being a longtime gmail user, my contacts list is full of hundreds of people who I don't necessarily want in my phone's address book. To fix this, I created a contact group called "Android" and now just keep my go-to contacts in there.

Here's what I did:
1) Use something like VCardio to export my contacts to a v-card on the SD card.
2) Mount the phone's drive on a pc/mac
3) Open up gmail and go to Contacts. Create a new group and import the v-card into it.
4) In the phone, under contacts, go to groups and change what groups get synced. Select only the new group.

Now your contacts are Google contacts, and will survive a wipe/replacement.
I thought I lost mine too, but after several hours after the update they all came back. But I didn't do anything so I'm not sure why they showed up after so long or why they weren't there to begin with. But about a month ago I converted all my contacts to Google so that's probably why.


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all my contacts were google backed so as soon as i rebooted and did a synce which is on the new 2.1 update they all came along perfectlty fine even link automatically with the facebook server too...


I had the same problem, & was ready to call Verizon, but decided I'd experiment & found out how to do it. go to settings->accounts & sync-> Google & choose the option to sync. No phone reboot needed. Again, keep in mind if you have any that are phone contacts instead of Google contacts they weren't synced in the first place, & you will have to re-enter them manually.


I also had the same issue and then they started to autopopulate. I also did the google and fb sync and it finished up soon after the syncs were done.


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I powered off and back on, then my contacts showed up. (All of my contacts are synced with Google.)