"always listening" voice command?

Is there a voice-command app that can be set to "always listed for command phrase" --- i.e. "next track" does nothing, but saying "Computer, next track" and it advances to the next track --- without pressing a "listen now" button.

I'm well aware that this will drain a lot of power, keeping the mic turned on all the time, but in my car my devices are always plugged in so it's not an issue, and I'd prefer not having to fumble with unlocking my phone/tablet and tapping the tiny "next track" button while driving (even if I'm stopped at a light) especially since I dont have a mount so the device is sliding all over the passenger seat and takes a moment to blindly find at times...

Is there such an app out there?


Android Enthusiast
Vlingo has an option to always listen and when you say "Wake Up Vlingo" it will restart the listening process


The Doctor
Voice Actions by Pannous also works. There's an option for it to wake up when you say "Hey (insert whatever name of the phone you want. Default is "Jeannie").