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Android Cardgame Ideas

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by DMD, May 27, 2011.

  1. DMD

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    Hi everyone, I was thinking with some of my friends to create a video game for Android. We already have some experience with programming languages so the only thing left to do is decide the concept. One of my friends stated that a card game, a combination of Yu-Gi-Oh and Dungeons and Dragons would be a good idea, since there isn't anything similar on the market. Well I hope mentioning Yu-Gi-Oh didn't give you the impression that it's gonna be a "kids" game, but instead we are going to add more functions like items, traps, spells and an interactive environment.

    Players will be able to earn new cards after they win battles with AI, as long as the campaign progresses (Bluetooth battles availiable later on)
    Strategy will be the most important factor, to win as you will command your creatures/heroes in the battlefield ( like a chess game )
    The creatures will have their own abilities and gain experience compared to how long they remain in the battlefield and how many enemies they've destroyed, so that their attack and defence (or any other attributes) will be increased.
    I find a simple but wothwile idea that will fascinate some fans of this kind.
    Please share any opinions with me or even ideas. The game is still on a pre-production phase, I guess.

  2. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    You may get better reception if you describe it as a mashup between magic the gathering and D&D.

    By creatures gaining experience would that be per game or over the lifetime of the card?
  3. DMD

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    First of all thanks for the reply

    We want to achieve something long-term, we want the players to develop their own strategies and feel like the masters of this game. Then if we can add a bluetooth multiplayer feature, that is very difficult to begin with, we can make it even more interesting and popular.
    About the experience of each card, yes it would be permanent.
  4. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic

    Why Bluetooth? Wouldn't online multiplayer be more popular? You could set it up where someone wouldn't have to sit down and pay a full game they are notified and then can play their turn, kinda like wordSmith does. I would suggest a time limit on turns, think when you are notified of your turn you have 12 hours to play or you forfeit your turn. You could also set up something for people who want to sit down and play a full game.
  5. DMD

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    Even if the campaign ends the player would be able to play with AI's as many times as he wants. Now, about the online features, we are just not able to start a server right now so bluetooth battles would be the only mutliplayer feature unless something changes.
    Thanks for the reply again

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