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Android Game Development Tutorial

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by marzec, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. marzec

    marzec Newbie
    Thread Starter


    i'm in the process of writting an android game development tutorial for the german android community over at androidpit.de. I was wondering if any of you would be interested in translating that to english. I could translate it myself but i'm still busy finishing of the german version and i also have to finish up the editor for my game Newton which is on a backburner at the moment.

    This is my way of giving back a little. You can find the tutorial at

    Spieleentwicklung 101 - Android Wiki - AndroidPIT

    The tutorial is accompanied by an Android Project hosted on google code which you can get here

    android-gamedev - Project Hosting on Google Code

    The tutorial is for absolute beginners which know their way around Android a bit and have experience with java. It covers topics such as Input, Sound & Music and OpenGL. It finishes of with showing how to implement a small space invaders clone.


  2. myke66

    myke66 Newbie

    I've been interested for a while to actually break into android dev but havent had the drive to learn everything just yet. Something like this would be absolutely perfect. I fully support translating this into english. Thank you very much!
  3. marzec

    marzec Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i started translating the tutorial to english and hope to have it finished by the end of this week. i also started an android game development blog at -- Badlogic Games -- which i'll write in english. I plan on updating it on a daily basis, see the welcome post for more information on what's to come. (I was offered a book deal after writting the german version of the tutorial btw!).

    I'm also in search of writters. If any game devs among you feel like sharing the info in their head drop me a line.
  4. Emini

    Emini Lurker

    Wow, that is a great document - and I have only dipped into it so far! Great work!
  5. jProgrammer

    jProgrammer Lurker

    really I was disappointed that there is no good tutorial for 3d games..:(
    but after I look it, it changes my mind it's really great tutorial:eek:
    but if any one can translate it to English it will be awseome ..;)
  6. mechman1898

    mechman1898 Lurker

    Did anyone ever finish the english translation? If so what is the link?
    If not does anyone have a link to a good Android Game Developer tutorial in english?
  7. carperto

    carperto Member

    please, translate tutorial to english!
  8. Chrome's translator isn't the worst translation in the world, give it a try.
  9. carperto

    carperto Member

    That's exactly what I'm doing...
  10. obviam

    obviam Lurker

  11. Ussery.Matt

    Ussery.Matt Lurker

    Nice tutorial. However, looking for some good android tutorial in English
  12. hoanganhsong

    hoanganhsong Lurker

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  13. simondid

    simondid Newbie


    it seams like a great tut but as a kinda new developer i don't know how svn works ore general setup off it so if you cut make a public download off the app ore a short walk true off svn :)
  14. mattwien

    mattwien Lurker

    Hi Simondid,

    a very good way - from my point of view - to start some game development is to look at some of the available engines. With this you can get nice results quite fast and there is a lot of tutorial stuff online.

    Regarding the SVN: For example on the first post, when you click on Source / browse you get access to all the contents:
    / - android-gamedev - Android Game Development Tutorial Code - Google Project Hosting

    You can also have a look at my blog:
    Matthias's Android Game Development | About game development for Android and more

    I also publish some of my experiences with the game development I've made. There you also find information about my favorite 2d game engines e3roid and Andengine.
  15. LittleGreen

    LittleGreen Lurker

    Here is another open-source portable 2D/3D engine for Android and Windows: Linderdaum Engine


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