Android Police Says the Price of the Honor 5X Makes it Hard to Ignore



Android Police just published their hands on initial impressions of the Honor 5X. They love the price point and feel the hardware matches or exceeds what you would expect from a $200 smartphone.

Performance was a little spotty for them but getting a metal phone with a 5.5" 1080p display and a fingerprint scanner is pretty hard to do right now and Honor nails it.

Android Police


This phone is 100% worth the $200 they are asking. Also when the devs dig into it and we get custom roms it will be flawless. I thoroughly enjoy the hardware and the EMUI 3.1 isn't terrible with a launcher on top but there are a few holes in the software if I am honest. I am certain the Huawei devs will be on it as we have already had ferquent updates so far.
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I keep starting at "this is a good phone" but when considering the price and the potential it has with a better running EMUI or holy cow AOSP it's pretty exciting.