Dec 15, 2021
Newbee with no knowledge of the inner working of android....just want to know if it is possible before I start swimming.

Tx for your time effort and answer.

I want to make an app that harvests my phone's pop-up messages and in case the message is a bank payment statement from a customer with an order id and valor my ERP is updated.

is that anywhere near possible and in what direction should I go?

tx again and have a nice day
Hans Peter
A pop up message is different that the type of message a bank would send you.

No issue with that, but just so that you know that.

And although I am not particularly enlightend on everything about how messaging works, I do believe that Android severely limits what apps have access to your messages.

This is a security issue.
You would not want just any old app to have access to your messages.
There might be a message from your bank in there!

Anyway, my bad attempts at humor aside, I am fairly sure that for an app to do what you desire it would need to be the default messages app on the device - that means that it would need to do everything that a normal messaging app does, as well as the additional functions you mention.
what kind of popup messages are we talking about? you mentioned banking.

so are you looking to make an app that shows you transactions that customers are making with your business via popup messages? and that's it? can you describe more in detail on what you expect your app to do? what kind of business are you doing? are you selling a product? is this an online business?
Tx to the two of you, I have solved the problem.
I send an email to the bank, which is a small fintech company, was redirected to the development department, and after some back and forth they said that they will have a serious look into the kidding sometimes things are that simple.

TC for your time and answers.
Hans Peter