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Another SD card problem...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by martyn357, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. martyn357

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    Got my Motion last thursday, rooted it tuesday this week. Problem is the 8Gb card I have. Windows recognises it (ie when I plug phone into PC it says internal storage and SD card). I can transfer apk's onto the SD and the phone installs from SD. Pictures, movies and music transferred to SD are all read and play/display properly. Phone recognises there is an 8Gb SD card in it. Camera puts pics on SD and displays them back correctly. Apps download their data to SD and run OK. The problem is this...NONE, I repeat NONE of the apps to SD programs work, I have tried at least three different ones. Anyone else had this problem so far?

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  2. It's not the card. Those apps only allow for moving apps that are capable of being moved, they don't make it possible to move any app you want. Additionally, on this phone (and others with large internal memory), all apps are kept on internal storage and there is no option for moving or installing apps on an external SD as on previous phones with less internal memory. The SD card can only be used for storing media and some app data (look under app settings, you will see that some apps keep a portion of their data on the SD card).
    With root there is a way to force apps to move to the external SD, but it is known to cause problems and personally I wouldn't mess with it. With 5G of internal storage available I don't see the point.
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  3. martyn357

    martyn357 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey Fox, thanks for the answer...yes, it makes sense I suppose it's just thst I am used to putting apps on the SD card :thinking:
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  5. blaze420916

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  6. plasticarmyman

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    well i did not realize how simple it actually was...but some people will still get confused and not know how to use it lol

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