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Anyone experienced or still experiencing such issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mhmdh, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. mhmdh

    mhmdh Lurker
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    SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 "16GB, Aurora Red"

    Hello people
    Buying my samsung s4 a week ago, it came with firmware version XWUBMEA, living in the middle east "exactly in dubai", that was the latest update available for the phone, so i had to update it using Odin to the version "XWUBMG1" which is the update for India "INU"

    here's a list of the issues I'm experienced before and experiencing after the update,

    On XWUBMEA firmware:
    Battery drained fast, even when the phone is on standby

    phone over heated a lot, reaching (30-35 c) just surfing the web, and upto(40 c ) if playing games.

    On XWUBMG1 firmware:
    Battery lasts pretty well on this firmware, depends on the phone usage, but starts decreasing when the phone starts heating.

    Heating problems did decrease but it's still there, ( 26 or 27 c) minimum on phone standby, it reaches (30 c) if i used the phone for 10 mins or more, and as for gaming it reaches ( 35 - 37 c ) sometimes, which makes it really uncomfortable for holding it.

    1) Anyone experienced such problems on both the firmwares? if yes, please mention them along with firmware version.

    2) Anyone experienced them on the MEA firmware before, but the MG1 firmware fixed them, like the phone became completely stable ?

    3) Is there any firmware that you recommend me using ?

    4) Do you think that this is a hardware or a software problem ?

    5) Is there any firmware update expected soon ?

    6) What do you recommend me to do ?

    and finally

    7) Is there anyone who bought the SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 "I9500" and found it completely flawless, no heating, no lags, no battery drain, like in a perfect condition!
    If yes, please mention your firmware version and the place of purchase.

    Thanks to all those who will be spending their time reading and hopefully posting back!!

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  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Android Enthusiast

    First two weeks battery will deplete faster, as it require few charging cycles and some running time with the hardware and OS, to reach its full potential.
    So the upgrade, might not necessarily do much. You just happen to use it later on, when the battery was getting better.

    That's standard temperature of such phone. In fact, 40 degrees for a game time is fairly low. I real concern is where it reaches 45 to 50.

    Sorry, can't comment on that. I live in Malaysia, where ambient temp is high all the time. My battery is quite consistent, and I seldom play games. I do use video and camera a lot, and it gets a little warmer, but nothing more than my other Galaxy devices.

    Not likely you will find too many users with this particular firmware.
    So just for your reference.
    S4 LTE 32Gb, international unlocked. Running DXUBMG5
    30 to 37 degrees average.

    Very happy with my phone as it is. Not changing firmware, just stick to Samsung's stock.

    I love the stock specifically catered for my region and all the available telcos.
    If I were to load a firmware, I would be going with Paranoid Android or cyanogenmod.

    I don't have expertise in that. From what I read across this forum, XDA or other Android forums, it's mostly software. Given that many of the custom kernels seem to improve the device a fair bit. Software should be IT.

    Not sure how soon, but I do expect 4.3 upgrade.

    I claim the 5th Amendment :)
    It really is your choice. I like my phones stock. My kid gets new rom every week. Why not google around alternate firmwares and see what strikes your "like".

    Yes, that would be me. I started off with the first launched 16gb model. Didn't like it. Bezel cracked second or 3rd day of using, among couple of other problems... it just didn't feel right. I took it back but asked them to keep my money, and call me when the LTE was available. So they did. The phone arrived, I picked it up, very happy with it since day one.
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  3. mhmdh

    mhmdh Lurker
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    My phone works great, it's just the heating problem, and actually am in dubai for a visit, and soon i will be going back to my home country, which there is no a specific firmware for it, so flashing it to india's stock firmware was the only available choice for me, as from previous experience, they are often the first to send in firmware updates, anyways i guess i'm being extra paranoid about the heating thing, plus it's actually my first samsung phone, so you can say that i wanted it to be perfect ;p !

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