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Hello Community! This place looks to have a great source of information. I am conducting some research to back up some financial data for investment purposes and have a few questions that I feel this community could answer. I would like to thank anyone who offers their opinion based on their experience, without you places like this would not be as successful!

Simple version of my app: We will sell directly to clients in person (owners of small businesses.) Once we sell them we will replace their logo and update their information so that it is unique to them, such as business info, gps location, service/product list with pricing and potentially photos. Of course we will do branding integration and place their logo in predetermined locations. (Think of an app that is for 1 industry, let's say a Car Dealership, although this is not for that.) When a client leases our app, they will be placed into android market, itunes (mac os, ipad & iphone) in addition they will also receive a version for a mobile site.

We will have a "template" in which the variable information will be replaced according to our clients information.

Here comes the questions!!!!

1.) In the development process how may I operate (android app, ipad app, iphone app, mobile site) cms just simply supplying information manually to (1) source? (I assume that there would be a master cms control for our staff and the user, of course the different permissions defining which are client or staff. Then a data entry person(staff) could enter all required information into (1) source. Then that cms could operate the version of the app or mobile sites cms manager. Essentially a cms with a master cms that just duplicatess the information in different area's to save time.) Please share any and all thoughts!?

1a.) If this can be done, how? (Would it be more of a generator that would then be published separately in each market or could their be a generator that does all of it for you)

2. Since I am developing on Android, MacOS and Mobile Site guidelines, how many developers would I have to hire? I do understand it depends on a candidates experience, however I am looking out for what would be "best" for my firm. Your opinion?

I also would like you to know that I will be hiring proven, experienced individuals as a freelance basis for the start up of our firm. (meaning per project basis) I am looking for the creative type that loves to create great new solutions! We will be an extremely successful firm who markets towards small businesses. There will be a guaranteed full time well paying position after we launch and start selling, we are a smart firm and will take on additional expenses at the right time.

Ps. I am about 2-3 weeks away from hiring which is not far at all!

Thank you all again for your time!!


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Thank you very much Unforgiven!

I have thought my post and the wording I used, perhaps explaining the need for a CMS for each version of the app and mobile site all linked together with one CMS control with a client backend login would work. Any thoughts?


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Sorry, I'm not a dev, but I'm sure someone will help. I just got your thread to a better spot where someone that could answer it would see it.