[App] Renzhi Safe - encrypted virtual disk


Sep 1, 2011
In a word, Renzhi Safe is an encrypted virtual safe, or an encrypted virtual disk, or an encrypted virtual volume, or an encrypted virtual data storage device.

For a longer description, Renzhi Safe is an Android application for establishing and maintaining an encrypt-on-the-fly safe (or volume, or data storage device). Data are automatically encrypted before they are saved, and decrypted after they are read, without any user intervention. No data stored in an encrypted safe can be read without first opening the safe with the correct password. The safe contains an entire file system, which is encrypted (e.g., file names, folder names, contents of files, free space, any other information).

Files can be copied to and from an opened safe just like they are copied to and from any normal folder. You can also perform drag-and-drop operations. As you read or copy a file from the safe, it is automatically decrypted. Similarly, as you move or copy a file to a safe, it is automatically encrypted on-the-fly.

Main Features

  • Creates a virtual encrypted safe within a file and open it as a folder.
  • Encrypts an entire safe, not just a specific data file.
  • Encryption is automatic, real-time (on-the-fly) and transparent.
  • Uses AES algorithm, with 256-bit encryption keys.
  • Creates as many safes as your storage allows.
  • Creates as large a safe as your storage allows.
  • Opens multiple safes at the same time.
  • Contains a whole file system.
  • Encrypts whole file system, including folders and sub-folders, data file, metadata, etc.
  • Encrypts different safes with different passwords.
  • Encrypts and decrypts really fast.
  • Opens and operates just like a normal folder.
  • Works with any other Android applications transparently.
  • Keeps virtual safe files on SD card.

Please search for Renzhi Safe on the market, or visit http://renzhi.ca/projects/renzhi-safe/ for more information.

Renzhi Safe only works on a rooted Android device.