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A couple of apps on my OnePlus 3 (standard software build) are not behaving properly with respect to scheduled events. I will describe their behaviour below; I think the behaviour is rooted in a OP3 software issue though, as the two apps are completely independent.

1. FitBit App: Sometime in the afternoon, the app decides to raise the "Go to Bed" notification. That's scheduled for 10:15PM in the FitBit app though. It's not off by a nominal hour difference -- it seems to pick a random time to raise this notification.

2. BBC iPlayer Radio: Whenever I have the alarm clock set for (eg 7:15AM) the alarm will not go off at that time. Instead, if I look at the alarm setting screen immediately before (e.g. 7:14AM), the alarm setting is "ON", and immediately after (e.g.7:16AM) the alarm setting will switch to "OFF". However, at some random point in the afternoon, the radio will turn on of its own accord, as if the alarm was set for that time. However, the alarm setting will still be "OFF".

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the BBC iPlayer radio app and that didn't solve it; but because both of these apps are having funny schedule problems, I don't think it has to do with either app. It must be in the OS? I need some OP3 expert assistance to help troubleshoot this. Maybe we need to produce some sort of log to evaluate what's going on when the alarm clock fails to go on and sets itself to "OFF"?

EDIT: Starting to notice that my Android Pay notifications are also showing up very late too. Some show up a couple hours later, while others show up a day later.
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I set a regular Clock app alarm this morning and it worked on time...

Any insight on this issue? I am suspecting it's an extreme case of the delayed notifications problem that many others have experienced in the past