Help Ashphalt 5 Battery Useage

When I check the battery useage on my Galaxy Tab (T-Mobile), frequently, the biggest user is Asphalt 5. This doesn't make any sense....I haven't used the app and when I check the running applications, it doesn't show up. Also, if I go to the application to force close it, the force close button is greyed out....I don't think the app is running. Why is it showing up in my battery useage screen?


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I have Titanium Backup on my Tab. I used the "Freeze" function to block Asphalt 5 from having access to the system. Now, it doesn't show up in the battery useage screen. I like playing the game occasionally so I didn't want to uninstall it. Actually, since it comes as an OEM app on the T-Mobile Tabs, I don't think it would be a good idea to uninstall it.

Anybody got any ideas how/why the app was putting a load on my battery even when it had not been used?