Auto Rotate...?

I tried to see if there was already something for this and was unsuccessful.. so I'm starting the thread this time.

Just happened to notice the past couple days that my home screen is not auto rotating.. and it will not rotate to landscape view. I checked my settings and the feature is on (works in browser and other apps), turned phone off removing battery and such but, no luck.

I don't wanna be a crybaby over something so unimportant.. and I AM a customer service rep and absolutely hate it when I get calls like this.. cause I don't know the answer. So I don't wanna call in about it.

Just curious if anyone else is having the same issue and how to fix it if anyone knows. Or should I just download this home++ everyone is talking about?



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The home screen does NOT rotate to landscape view unless you slide the screen up to use the physical keyboard. That's the way it was designed
It rotates when you place it into either the media dock and it will autorotate when it is in the car doc. It will also rotate if you use the dock app but it will not autorotate otherwise.

Maybe someone can make an app for this? :)


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there are a few more detailed threads, but just to throw this out there:

most of the home replacements will do this (dxtop does, which is what i use, i can't speak to the others but i'm pretty sure most do).

you can also get "dockrunner" which will put it in landscape permanently while the app is open, even if you switch back to the home screen while dockrunner is running.

also, you can put a magnet on the back to force it. so you can add a magnet to your dock if it doesn't have one :)

but i recommend the replacement home idea, if you don't mind installing something like that.

edit: there are people who have shown pictures of their home screen auto rotating who swear it's not using a home replacement. it was never really determined why they could, if they were telling the truth. but it is possible yours used to and doesn't anymore, FWIW. a few others seem to have the same experience.