Help Basic Vanilla Android ROMs?


I want to start using my Wildfire S again. I see that these days, because of the required updates, the android system with HTC sense on top absolutely kills the phone in terms of performance and storage.

So i want to install the most basic vanilla Android ROM on to my phone. I don't care about upgrading it to Jelly Bean or anything like that. I just want a phone that is able to function in a timely manner without it hassling me that it's low on resources/storage. So i'm looking for a ROM with no skins, that only has the basic of features, nothing flashy.

Does anyone give any guidance as to which ROM will be best for this?


Android Expert
This is a very good basic Gingerbread ROM (WildChild3)
Everything works as it should and there's no HTC Sense. It was the first ROM I installed on my phone and with Int2Ext4+ and an appropriately formatted sd card (I used a 16GB card) giving me effectively 2GB main memory, the phone is very slick. I also overclocked it from a max of 600MHz to 806MHz using No-Frills CPU control App from the Play store.
Note on formatting the SD Card:
You'll want a 16GB or 32GB card formatted as follows:
Partition 1 - Primary - formatted EXT4 or FAT32 - the bulk of the card except for the space used by the other partitions
Partition2 - Primary - Formatted EXT4 2GB (This MUST be EXT4) - if you have a 32GB card, this can be 4GB if you plan on installing a ton of apps).
Partition 3 - Linux Swap 2GB (no larger)