Help Battery Drain with Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello everyone,

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday at company FIDO and right away I noticed problems with battery draining. I've been searching through forums and found out many people had the same problems. I'm not sure if i'm in the good forum but here is my problem: this is my first ever smartphone and I have noticed, in a few hours of use, that the battery would drop 1% every few minutes, even though I barely use it. I switched off all the battery-eating things (WIFI, GPS, Synchronisation,etc.), deleted apps I didnt need, turned down the screen at lowest brightness, restricted background data and stopped apps after each use. In the battery use section, Android System is at 42%, and screen 29%... I basically tried everything I saw on the forums but the battery is still going down quite quickly, and at some times it gets very hot. I also tried rebooting it and taking off the battery. Boy, I even did a factory reset but it still seems to be going down. I also heard about downloading loops problems but I don't know how to solve them. Shall I call Samsung ? I am thinking about changing to an Iphone if this problem persists, as I need a phone with good battery life for my job! Please help me, and if you need me to post screenshots, just ask.

Also, I deleted by mistake the Android OS ''app'' in the Settings/Application Manager/Running before doing the factory reset. It disappeared! How do I get it back?!!?!



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Welcome to the forum Louis.

Have you seen these two threads? I know you said you've done dune reading but there might be something useful in there

Usually when there's a high battery drain it's one of your apps that's keeping your phone awake so I'd recommended downloading better battery stats to see what's keeping your phone awake.

There's a good thread hear to help understand the different wakelocks

Also do you have the latest firmware or are you rooted?


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Firmware and rooted, right?

Firmware is basically the operating system your phone uses, so like the equivalent of Windows Vista or xp on a pc. To check for a firmware update press menu, settings, about device, software update. If there's an update available accept it.

Rooting is basically the processes of containing full control over your phone. There will be features and option which are blocked by the manufacturer but by gaining root access you can access these.

I'm assuming you're aren't rooted so I'll move this over to the main gs3 forum. It should make finding a solution a bit easier as the fix for a rooted device may be slightly different.:)