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Battery usage question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ShadowDragyn, May 20, 2010.

  1. ShadowDragyn

    ShadowDragyn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So now that I have 2.1, I've been trying to seek out the source of my battery drain. What I've found looking at the battery use statistics is the biggest culprits are Cell Standby and Idle Time. WTF???

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  2. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    You've gone through a whole charge cycle already?

    Remember this is a complete firmware change. Your battery usage may have changed significantly. Give it a few days there partner.
  3. ShadowDragyn

    ShadowDragyn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, I've given it more than a week now and it's the same story every day. Here's today's battery usage stats as an example:

    Cell standby: 49% - 9h 41m 49s (time without signal - 1%)
    Phone idle: 43% - 8h 32m 4s
    Display: 8% - 1h 9m 45s

    I pulled it off the charger at 7:00 this morning at 100%, and it's now less than 10 hours later. As you can see, it's not a heavy usage day. Pretty typical, really. And my battery is at 46% as I type this.

    This can't be normal, right? What could possibly be going on here?
  4. ShadowDragyn

    ShadowDragyn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    In the time it took me to compose that last message (less than 3 minutes of screen time), I dropped to 44%. That just seems horrendous to me.
  5. dover

    dover Newbie

    I'm having the exact same problems w/my phone since I switched to the 2.1 roms. Battery has been draining fast.
  6. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    That is pretty good, by 2 O'Clock I am in the 30's with about the same usage and the same start up time

  7. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    Must weigh in and agree, Cell Standby is almost 50% and I MAY use the phone once a day, maybe. I would almost like a feature to turn the cell phone off. I don't use it that much but the rest of the phone I use a lot. I still can't get through a full day with out the charger and I have the Muggen battery too. I love the phone I just have to carry my car charger where every I go. I even have a spare battery if I need it but since the 2.1 the battery just doesn't lasts. Plus to make matters worse I have turned off everything I can and have the screen on half bright too. Oh well, I love my Hero.........

    Lisa ;)
  8. revtime

    revtime Well-Known Member

    I get home from a 12 hour day and am still at 60 to 65%. now I am not a heavy user but check news and about 20 texts back and forth my Email push is every 6 hours. My brightness is about 1/4 as I don.t like it bright.
    I should try pushing the battery one whole day just to see how that goes.

    Check to see how many apps are running in the back ground, I have to force close some of them every other day or so as they have started back up for no apparent reason.
  9. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    Some of us are having battery issues with the phones since 2.1; but I do use it a lot. In the application manager there is the capability to close some running applications. The only one that I recognized was the Google Talk and I shut it down. But some of the others I did not recognize and seem maybe to be system functions. Can anyone make a recommendation on what applications are safe to just shut down - not eliminate?

    The flip side the that question is how would your restart them again if you wanted them?

    Thanks for your help........

    Lisa ;)
  10. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    If you aren't 100% sure, don't shut it down and don't shut down the clock!!!

    If you want to restart them then just open them from the app drawer.

    On a side note, task killers are generally unnecessary on Android. Of course, you can still use it, just letting you know. :)
  11. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    Well that is why I asked as these apps aren't in the apps drawer. I have read Android doesn't really need a task killer and I have shied away from them but I wanted to raise the question and the bottom line answer is if you don't know what it is don't touch it.
    I can do that....
    Thanks for the help.....

  12. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast

    Want some detailed usage stats and battery info...

    Just a word of caution... DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH!!! You're responsible for any adverse effects if you do, as I hereby disclaim any responsibility. ;)

    But, you can get some good info that might help you regarding battery and phone usage.

    Goto your phone dialer and type:
    Wait a few seconds for the menu to appear.


    P.S., I'm sure there'll be an app to retrieve that info. someday but for now , it's there and you can access it through that service menu.

  13. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    I appreciate your warning........
    So where exactly will that combo of numbers take me? What will I be looking at? I gather this just is an information page and there is nothing to change there.

    Also if I go there and look, how do I get out of there?

    Interesting stiff...............

  14. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast

    hahaha, it's ok, it is mostly just information yes. But there are some options in there that shouldn't be played with is all. :)

    All you will see is a menu with some options, go into the Battery choices and there's a lot of info on how your phone is being used and battery usage.
    You can exit by just backing out.

    Check it out... :)
  15. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    Thanks so much for the encouragement. My phone is working perfectly and I don't want to screw it up being curious. But I do keep current Nandroids just in case.
    I'll check it out a little later and report back.
    Can I explore those other menus safely as long as I don't make any changes?
    I love having sub access to the phone too. Thanks...
    Can't wait to check it out.....

    Thanks again for the help..

    Lisa. :)
  16. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast

    Yes, of course you can "LOOK"... lol

    Here's a few others I know of, most don't have options to change anything so feel free to look around.


    (This one use the "VIEW" mode)

    Happy Trails!
  17. Rockdiesel

    Rockdiesel Newbie

    Download Spare Parts from the app market. It will give you the exact same information as typing *#*#4636#*#* in your dialer.
  18. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    Dear Mr. cooolone2.....
    Very cool sublevel information. Fun to dig through. Thanks for the codes.

    Looking at battery stats I don't see anything really out of line there. Maybe my complaint of poor battery is because I never set this thing down as I'm always playing with it....... ya think?

    Thanks again for the cool tricks with my Hero. I'll put those codes with my phone info.

  19. scottmbolt

    scottmbolt Android Enthusiast

    I think this is one thing most people don't take into account when they complain about poor battery life :rolleyes:
  20. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    I realize that but I don't want another app on my phone nor do I need all those switches to screen something up.
    But thanks for the info...
  21. mslisaj

    mslisaj Android Enthusiast

    I realize that but I don't want another app on my phone nor do I need all those switches to screen something up.
    But thanks for the info...
  22. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    To those of you who are experiencing bad battery.
    How often is your non-gmail e-mail accounts sync set to?
    How often is your twit/face/flickr acounts set to sync?
    Are you using a constant weather app?
    How is the signal on your phone, always low?

    Answering these questions will provide insight to your usage. Just because you're not making calls or sending texts doesn't mean your phone isn't doing anything.
  23. ShadowDragyn

    ShadowDragyn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have Touchdown set for ActiveSync, but that's not different than before 2.1.

    Only Facebook is active, set to once an hour. I will turn that down.


    Now this one may be a good point. The building I work in seems to have a lot of interference with Sprint's signal. I often drop calls in here.

    I agree completely. It's just that it doesn't seem to matter if I use it a lot in a day or if I use it hardly at all. Just frustrating, is all.

    I'm planning on picking up that extended battery (can't remember which one exactly, but it's the one with over double the capacity), but before I do that I'd like to figure out what I'm doing wrong to begin with.
  24. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    Ok, I would have to lean with the signal issue. Your phone losing signal indoors means its searching for a signal a good portion of time.

    I thought I read somewhere the phone tries to boost its efforts when no signal is present in order to find one. This could be your main problem.

    There isn't really a fix other than to turn off your phone while at work. If you were rooted you could try some flashing some different radio's to see if signal improved indoors.

    Otherwise you can call sprint and complain they may send you an Airave or whatever for indoor signal boosting.

    If you haven't please double check the ultimate battery thread listed in the ultimate hero resource sticky at the top of the page.

    I wish you well!
  25. ShadowDragyn

    ShadowDragyn Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the advice. I'll try that for half a day and see what kind of impact it makes.

    I'm not particularly concerned with having to charge it every day. I just want to make sure there's not something particular causing drain that I could correct.

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