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Beautiful Widgets not taken down by HTC?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Arien157, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Arien157

    Arien157 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I sent HTC a E-mail regarding them taking it down, and this is what the sent back...

    Dear Arien,

    I am sorry about any inconvenience that this has caused you. The Beautiful Widgets Application was probably removed from the Android Market because of coding errors. I would suggest contacting the developer of the application. There may be other applications on the Android Market that are similar to this application. HTC does not have control of what is removed from the market. You would need to contact someone from android.com, because they are the developers and they would be the ones to flag programs from the site.


    HTC Email Support

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  2. snapcase

    snapcase Android Enthusiast

    I doubt the CS people answering emails have much knowledge about what their legal department is doing.
  3. StDevious

    StDevious Well-Known Member

    true. the CS was just not briefed about it yet
  4. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Not only was the rep apparently not aware of this (it was most likely a legal department issue and not trickled down to service representatives), he was also correct in saying that HTC did not actually remove the application. The best they can do is send a cease and desist letter, which they did. At that point, it is the developer's choice/obligation to remove the app from the Market. He doesn't have to, he did it because (like most people) he did not want to get into legal trouble with a large company.
  5. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

    They did not remove it, however, there legal department sent a letter to levelupstudios (the dev) tellin him to remove it.

    LevelUp Studio (levelupstudio) on Twitter
    "Bad news: I got a C&D from HTC, I will have to discontinue Beautiful Widgets and remove it from the market"
  6. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    He's coming out with another widget without the flip-clock concept.
  7. wige

    wige Newbie

    In theory, HTC probably could get an app removed by filing a DMCA complaint with Google, although that is not what happened in this case.

    Good to hear. Hopefully it might be an update for those that paid for the original app?
  8. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

    Just a warning, It is not as beautiful as the orig. This is the shot he put on his twitter.
    big :(:mad: from me
  9. AZDroid

    AZDroid Well-Known Member

    As long as the one I have keeps working I'm happy. Don't like that new one at all....
  10. Roroco

    Roroco Well-Known Member

    So you guys are saying it I see an update available for Beautiful Widgets, I should ignore it?
  11. Roroco

    Roroco Well-Known Member

    Not that bad... They should skinny the font a bit though.
  12. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast

    can you tell me what CLOCK widget is that ? I have a weather widget and a clock widget seperate. I would like that one you are using to combine them .
  13. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Uh, not to state the obvious, but this is the Beautiful Widget thread, so if you followed the posts and read them, this is the updated Beautiful Widgets that's on the Market. It used to be a flip-clock, but HTC issued BW a C&D letter so they had to change their look. This is the new look.
  14. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast

    yea yea I read the entire thread , if you could loose the sarcasm and just tell me the name I will forever be at your mercy.thx
  15. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

    i see, I had some great ideas that i sent over and he seemed to like them, but wanted to go more basic. If there are any devs that want to look into my ideas I think they would make a very good selling widget. I am a graphic design student, so I like to think I know what looks good, I just don't know how to develop for droid, only web based dev for me.
  16. cdodge

    cdodge Android Enthusiast

    I agree, find a more attractive font and make it so we can have the background 100% tansparent and this could be just as good as the original :)
  17. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I could LOSE the sarcasm, but again, READ THE THREAD CAREFULLY... it's called BEAUTIFUL WIDGETS. Is that clearer? Let me know. I can keep quoting you.
  18. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I saw some of your thoughts I think in the tweets and I thought they looked a lot better. I guess he just wants to steer clear of any possible conflicts with HTC. But your digi clock was SICK!
  19. Joewoowoo

    Joewoowoo Android Enthusiast

    I have beautiful widgets and its no longer on the market, thought it might be a different name now .
  20. square

    square Android Enthusiast

    do you have a link or can you post them here? i would like to see them. not digging the new bw style.
  21. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    I do not believe it's "live" yet. I think he's attempting to adopt it. It's not official whether he'll change the name of it, yet. But this is what the dev is working with as far as appearance.
  22. brettlewis

    brettlewis Android Expert

    It is not live, those pictures are from his twitter, these are the ideas I sent him. They literally took 5 minutes each, So if i were to actually go into development with these I would work on them so more.

    These are my ideas. I sent both to the dev, but he wants to go basic I think.
  23. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Android Enthusiast

    Those look really good.
  24. square

    square Android Enthusiast

    nice. i really like the digital style!

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