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Bluetooth Profiles; Sony MEX-BT3900U

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stef7, May 20, 2011.

  1. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    In case anyone is curious, here is a link to the Bluetooth profiles supported by the Intercept.

    What Bluetooth Profiles Are Supported On My Virgin Mobile SPH-M910 (Intercept) Phone?

    I have made one call from the car with the MEX-BT3900U, and experimented with streaming music to the radio from the phone without wires (aux or USB) over Bluetooth. Very cool.

    I have not experimented with the Phone book to see if that works and I can navigate that on the radio to call whom I wish.

    I have been told, I'm not sure if this is true yet as I haven't tried it, but the contents of the SDCard can be navigated via the radio to select the song one wishes to play providing the phone is connected to the USB port, just like can be done with an iPod.

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  2. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    I wish I had the bluetooth adapter for my radio, would be pretty sweet. I use my jawbone all the time with it while driving tho.
  3. kris240376

    kris240376 Lurker

    You can have multiple devices connected to your phone at the same time via Bluetooth. Go to Bluetooth settings on your phone and press and hold on the device that is currently connected to the phone. You should get a menu that pops up that has 'Options' as a selection. Select options and you should get a list of profiles that the device supports. There should be two, Phone and Media. Unselect the profile that you don't want to use for that device. For example, for your jawbone unselect Media and you won't get music or device sounds playing through your headset. Go back to Bluetooth settings and select the other device that you want to play music through. Select and connect to it. Your phone should automatically connect to the device using the remaining profile. If it doesn't then long press on the device that you want to play music through and select options. Select the Media profile and make sure the Phone profile is not selected.

    I find that I typically have to do this each time since the profile settings don't persist between the devices being disconnected and connected. I'm hoping this is fixed in the next Android release (currently running 2.2).

    Music will now stream to the stereo. When a call comes in the music will fade out and the hands free set will pick up the call.

    I'm on a Samsung Infuse 4G rooted running Android 2.2. I've also tested and confirmed that this works on a Samsung Captivate running Android 2.2.
  4. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Interesting. Personally I don't have more than one BT device (my car radio) to use with it - but if I were using an ear-mounted headset for use in the car, this would be good information to have.

    As I indicated in my prior post, the radio can read the contents of the SD Card when connected via the USB cable (which I only connect when I'm charging the phone in the car).

    The BT connection is not perfect. While the stereo audio is very good, occasionally it drops out for a very brief period... I think because of EMF / interference on the radio band used by BT communications.

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