Accessories Bulkiest hard case, please


Just got my Captivate and it's just too thin for me. I want a thicker phone. I was going to get an otterbox case, but it talks about being thin, etc.

What is the bulkiest case out there? I normally carry my phone (I was using a G1) in a belt holster by Nite Ize. The Captivate rattle around in there and keeps slipping out of my hand.

is there anything bulkier than the Otterbox case? Maybe a case with a keyboard?
Check out the Platinum Series case. I have it and I think it's GREAT! Makes your phone like twice as thick. Kind of a double-edged sword for people who aren't trying to fatten their phone but it's a great case and provides great protection. It has a detachable belt clip piece too if you're into that kinda thing.


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My wife has an Otterbox Defender series for her iPhone - It seriously doubles the phone's size/thickness. Its a bit much IMHO, but it looks like it'd protect the phone well enough to survive Armageddon.