Help calendar app deleting new event


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For at least a month now my razr has been deleting new calendar (google calendar set to sync) events I add a few seconds after I add them. I honestly don't recall if it has been doing this since new as I sometimes use the web interface instead and may have added all the events that "stuck" from there.

It's as though it's syncing only one way, down from the server. If I add an event on the web dialog it appear on the phone. If I add an event on the phone it just dissapears promptly. Seems like the phone polls the sever, see's that it is storing an event that doesn't appear on the server, and deletes it to create a match rather than uploading it.

Any suggestions here?


I did some quick research and I cannot find anything that relates to this issue. You might want to try clearing the calendar data from the phone and re-syncing to see if that clears the problem.

If you have not done that before, go into manage applications and click on the Calendar Storage and clear the data. Then have it re-sync.



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Although I swear I had done that before, I repeated it to humor you ... And it worked. Don't know what the difference was.

I was having the same problem on my Razr until I went to the calendar on the google website and in the "My Calendars" registered my mobile number. Issue resolved.