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Calendar Time Zone Changes Event Times

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by raptorjrf, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. raptorjrf

    raptorjrf Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Is there a way to keep the Droid (Google) calendar from adjusting event times each time I go into a different time zone ?

    I live in the Pacific Time Zone, and enter all my events at home. When I travel, the calendar "adjusts" the event time by the number of hours difference between PST and the time zone I am in. This is frustrating, since I then need to mentally calculate the time back to PST.

    Does anyone know a way to defeat this feature ?


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  2. Plakius

    Plakius Member

    did you figure this out John?
  3. 714tman

    714tman Lurker

    I had this same problem.

    Go to Settings>Date & Time and uncheck Automatic.
  4. Plakius

    Plakius Member

    if you unchecking automatic is not a fix .... because now that i am in nyc my twitter and facebook are 3 hours behind .... iphone has a option called time zone support that keeps your calendar in your timezone ... we need that
  5. dscha

    dscha Lurker

    Same issue. I have following setup:
    Mac runs on european time, galaxy S runs on UK time. With spanning sync i send ical appointments from mac to google calendar. android syncs with google calendar. Since android phones is on UK time, all appointments are 1 hour off.

    on the iphone it works perfectly with the time zone support switch.

    Any ideas welcome!


    EDIT: problem solved.
  6. pderkay

    pderkay Lurker

    May I know how this was fixed?

    I have a school calendar and a private calendar. Both set to (-6 time zone)... I went on vacation to a (+1) and when creating new events on the browser gmail calendar, it was showing up with messed up times on my Galaxy Nexus.

  7. squaredeal

    squaredeal Lurker

    I have been looking for a fix for this forever. Today just found Calengoo app on the market that solves this problem. Also had a problem with my phone not showing events older than a month although they were on my google calendar. This solved this problem as well. Hope it helps.

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