Call Confirm app 2021?

I constantly pocket dial at least a few times a week and my friends do not want to hear from me when I take LitaFord out for potty at 3 am! Vlad Lee had the best app ever but I guess it is against Google rules. Does anyone know of any apps that you confirm the outgoing call?


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or get a better lock screen that does not open up immediately. i also found that if you have a phone with a fingerprint lock that your phone will never unlock on its own while in your pocket. i never have any issues on my note 10+ unlocking while in my pocket.

plus i have never heard of an app that you need to confirm outgoing calls. even if there was one where another popup asking to confirm that you want to make a call, you can still butt select the option to confirm and thus the call will go forward.....i do not think an app exists.

so........i think your best option is to find a lockscreen that will work for you.


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There was an app a very long time ago but it was removed from the play store and nobody else made a new one.

I had it for my HTC EVO 4G which was 2010 - dinosaur years for android