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I just got the LG Optimus V. Coming from an original IPhone due to contract price, it seemed like a good choice. My biggest problem is with the notifications and call log. It appears that notifications for calls and messaging simply do not exist. Is that true? I think that is a huge drawback. As far as calls: sometimes the phone dials a number and it appears to be dialing but there is no sound. Also, in the call log, several missed calls showed up, but I was told by that person that they did not call me. Has this ever happened to anyone? It all seems very disjointed.



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I have never had a problem with phantom calls. The phone dialing and then nothing I have only had once or twice when signal dropped right after dialing.

The notifications for calls and messages are in the notification bar at the top of the screen. It pulls down with a downward finger swipe. There is no "push" notification by default like the iPhone has. If you change your sms app from messaging to GO SMS or Handcent there is a pop up message window that you can read and reply to a text without opening the app and you can make the theme look like the iphone.


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On the notification bar: Missed call (stock), text (Handcent notification, but IIRC the stock does the same thing), New Gmail (stock). All of these things should be showing up in your notification bar. The notifications on my dock icons are an option in Launcher Pro. Then there are audible notifications for everything, and the pop-up options MacFett mentioned... this phone is far from lacking in notification options.


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Thanκs for posting that sample ρic, your homεscreeη alωays giνe a certain "peace of mind" to look at.