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calls dropping

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gta1216, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. gta1216

    gta1216 Newbie
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    as the title says, but more than that.

    i was in the middle of a call and all of a sudden there was no response from the other side. next thing i know, my lookout popped up that my phone experienced a restart or something like that. and also asked if i wanted to tell htc.

    i often encounter problem with either i or the other side not hearing each other. it happened on many occasions that i can hear the other side, but they can't hear me or vice versa. it can be either i'm calling or they're calling me. it can be either on the phone's earpiece, loudspeaker, or bluetooth. i confirmed the bt was paired and connected since i picked up the incoming call with the bt answer button. sometimes i have to press the "send sound to" button on the screen and select bt or phone or whatever. sometimes it doesn't work, and i have to call that person back. how inconvenient and annoying is that, esp when driving.

    not sure if any of these things has to do with the new version of android. the phone came with 2.3.3, but upgraded to 2.3.4. problem is, my 14 days period is over and i doubt i can get it exchanged for a brand new device. i don't want to exchange for a refurb. anyone else experience these problems?


  2. gta1216

    gta1216 Newbie
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    just happened again today. i made a call to someone and there was no ringing whatsoever. i thought it was the bt not connected, so i manually select to send the sound to the bt, phone, loudspeaker; but none worked. i powered off and on the bt to reset it, but didnt work either. i ended up calling someone on 2 different numbers (cell and landline), still no ringing. my phone wouldnt even let me power down or restart. basically the power button was only allowing me to put it to "sleep mode." waited for 5 mins or so and it was finally able to power down. when i called, it finally worked.

    does this sound like a defective phone or what? the 14 days trial period is over, so either i live with it or get it exchanged which is most likely getting a refurb.
  3. stewy

    stewy Member

    I have this same issue fairly regularly as well... I can hear the other person just fine but they can't hear me... it's annoying to no end.
  4. gta1216

    gta1216 Newbie
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    after powering down and up the phone last week, the problem seem to have disappeared. then it happened again today. i was in the middle of a conversation and the phone just ended. later in the day, i had to call the same person 2 times and no sound. checked and the sound was send to the bt. called a 3rd time before i can hear the other side.

    very annoying!

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