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can i copy contacts from sim to device without deleting the existing contacts in my j2 pro

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jraju1954, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. jraju1954

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    Hi, i have sim swapped bsnl mobile sim to 4g and in the process, has lost some contacts in my device. Probably that may have been stored in the old sim.
    i am having dual sim capability and if i remove another sim and connect with the old sim, can i see the contacts if any stored in the old sim
    if there are contacts, can i copy to my device without overwriting the existing contacts.
    Normally you get alert when you change any copying of contacts between sims and devices.
    i know that my device have contacts and there is no contacts in sim. This i noticed by going to the display of contacts option.
    Experts, please say.
    Also say, how to access my contents in this forum quickly, when new questions are being asked

  2. ocnbrze

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    i have never owned a gsm phone, so i'm not in no way an expert on such. however, i think the answer to your question is yes. you can put in the old card and copy the contacts to your phone. i would recommend that you have the old contacts backed up into your google acct. this way on your phone when signed in to google they will be there.

    here is a helpful link
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  3. jraju1954

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    Hi, copying contacts is not the issue. how to prevent overwriting of contacts that is already in the device , ie. phone is the concern. if suppose, i have 200 contacts in device , if a 5 contacts from sim overwrite, then i will loose main contacts.
  4. jraju1954

    jraju1954 Newbie
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    hi, nice , but when i select import contacts to sd, it prompted a message that that it has been done. But where to find the files in SD. what name the file would be.
    If suppose, i import contacts from all to the sd card, if i again select import from sd, it does. but i want to be sure that no contacts are overwriten and lost. what is vcf file you talk about. it does not prompt anything like that in import procedures. it just says , that import has been done . Thats all. please give clule to vcf, how to do about it
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