Can someone help me with this APP?


I am not smart with Android apps yet so I would apprecicate some help
I have a Nvidia Shield and I found an app to use 4k images on the Daydream (screen saver) versus the horrible default.
I found someone that made this app 9 months ago but the creator has been unresponsive.

Attached is the zip file I found and the APK file.
I found how to change the images in the .zip file but I can not get it load like the original .apk file he has.
I tried just chaning .zip to .apk but the Shield installer did not reconize it (it installed the original .apk file fine).

If I change the .apk file to .zip, it is not the same as the original .zip file so I cannot find how to change the backgrounds.


  • dreamscene.apk
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