Cannot Download Attachments

Downloaded most recent Microsoft Outlook APP for Android from the PlayStore. When I try to open an email attachment to my gmail address from Outlook the app shows that attachment is being downloaded but it never happens. Yes, I can open the attachment directly from GMail but I use Microsoft Office 365 for all my accounts and business because of the software integration. Makes no difference whether PDF or Excel.... Attachment will not download. Yes, I have all the appropriate programs - Acrobat, Excel, etc. on my phone and functioning correctly otherwise. Yes, I have the most recent version of the APP. Yes, I have the most recent update to the operating system on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Very frustrating. Is this just a setting somewhere I am missing? Is it something in the way I set up the GMail in outlook? Help.
sometimes there can be other things attached to a attachment that your phone may not like you may have to go through your email (whats ever the attachement is on) settings and allow verything you can whilst still making sure your phone is safe and will not be bothered by bugs so keep your malware going and try to avoid allowing cookies awell as they seem to always have something coming along with them that loves eating all the important stuff on your phone