Cannot send email over IMAP


I have 3 email accounts on my Captivate, 2 gmail and My purdue email account.
I can send and receive through both the gmail accounts but the Purdue one will not send no matter what settings i try.
According to the school the outgoing settings need to be
TSL enabled
port 587
require log in

i have tried
tsl, ssl (both regular and accept all certs) login and no login and a few other settings. Done 2 battery pulls and re composing the message countless times. It just stays in my outbox.
wifi on and off

When i go into the outbox, i press on the "Send outgoing messages button" and it blinks like i pressed it, but it doesnt immediately try to send the email, have to wait another 2-4 minutes before it decides it wants to try and connect to the server. When it does finally try to send the email it tries for about 30 seconds then comes back with "connection error" and gives up.

Any ideas?
Also none of my email accounts will automatically check for email like i have them set to do. I have them set to check every 5 minutes and it seems like some check every 4 hours and others will only manually check. Its inconsistent at best.
The email issues for this phone are really making me regret the purchase.


Android Expert
I could never get my school's IMAP settings to work on any kind of client (Evolution, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc...), so I used my gmail SMTP settings

port: 587
Security: TLS (Accept All Certificates)

check "require sign-in" and enter one of your gmail credentials

works like a charm


Have you tried turning OFF your WiFi to connect to these? I have observed that some of my email accounts do not work over WiFi. Have you?