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Cannot transfer files to flash memory Android head unit

Discussion in 'Automotive' started by greengear, May 25, 2021.

  1. greengear

    greengear Lurker
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    I have a Seicanne h6 in two of my cars and they work great. Recently I tried to transfer video and audio files from usb thumb drive to the internal flash memory. The preloaded file viewer app doesn’t allow for file transfer, copy or paste only viewing. After some research I downloaded two file transfer apps from the play store. One app (exFAT / NTFS) doesn’t seem to see the usb thumb drive the other can’t successfully transfer.
    Should I keep trying file management apps? Seems like there is a file loader app on android head units other than the play store but that hasn’t been successful either. Am I missing something here? Why does the android head unit maker want to make it hard to transfer files onto the flash memory.
    I’m a mechanic and have little experience with coding so any advice please describe steps in detail. Thank you

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