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Can't buy phone if you have EPRP plan

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by apollooff320, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. apollooff320

    apollooff320 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    damn Best Buy told me I can't get EVO unless I have a regular plan. Shows what happens when you listen to forum users that don't know what they are talking about.

  2. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Android Enthusiast

    Well Radio Shack had to change me to a regular plan but I just got off the phone with Sprint and they changed it back to the EPRP plan. They said they should have been able to do it at the store but it was a train wreck in there this morning.
  3. sjwaste

    sjwaste Newbie

    Best Buy was incorrect, not "forum users that don't know what they are talking about." And yeah, I'm wasting my first post to rebut this!

    I preordered while on SERO at Radio Shack. Out of contract, so upgrade elg check came back fine. In the meantime, I chatted w/ Sprint online to change to EPRP 500. Confirmed I'd be able to complete the purchase and activate at RS today with a Sprint rep.

    The RS employee couldn't access my account in SNAP this morning. This is probably why Best Buy told you this - they can't do it online. The guy had to pick up the phone, call sprint, give them my info and the ESN. At this point, Sprint was slammed and it couldn't auto-activate OTA. The RS employee called back and did a manual activation. Turned out the Sprint Rep fatfingered the ESN the first time anyway. I walked out of the store with an activated phone for the upgrade price.

    So BB didn't have the story straight. They just needed to activate over the phone. During the rush today, that was faster than doing it through SNAP anyway.
  4. Evo

    Evo Well-Known Member

    So how much are you paying with the EPRP 500 plan? Since you upgraded your plan, you may now be paying enough that Sprint sees it as a comparable plan to the Evo plan. I badly want the Evo, but not if I have to give up my cheap Sero plan.
  5. Jonohana

    Jonohana Lurker

    If you are on a SERO plan you have to get the phone from Sprint either through the online system or by talking with them directly. They will convert your SERO to an EPRP.

    I had the old SERO 1250 plan for $49. Converted to EPRP 500 for $59 plus the $10 for the EVO data surcharge (extortion).

    The drop in minutes is no big deal since the EPRP plan has free calls to ANY mobile phone. Also now get navigation for free. So it's $20 more for me a month but totally worth it.

    My phone arrives Monday since I had to order it direct through customer service. Can't wait!
  6. jeremysm1

    jeremysm1 Newbie

    I ran into this too the end of last year when I wanted the Hero phones. Moved me to the 1600 minute referral plan--similar to the Sero but allows the newer phones. A couple months later, I tried to get a third line added via a deal from an authorized Sprint rep but they couldn't put it through. Radio Shack couldn't do it either. Turns out that I had to come off the special 1600 referral plan and change to the 1500 minute plan because they couldn't properly access the information in their systems. I guess their system is slightly different than Sprints. The deal for the phone was about $100 less than what Sprint wanted so, I changed the plan down and got the additional line added through the Sprint third party/agent (I think it was Radio Shack).

    Overall, the skinny is that I moved from 2 individual Sero plans ($50ea--overall about $115/mo or so--can't remember the number exactly) and changed to the regular 1500 min shared plan; added a third line and with my discount comes to about $140/mth all in! That's 3 lines and all the goodies for just $25 more each month. With the cell phone to cell phone not charged against the minutes, we barely use 700 charged minutes, whereas we used to use about 2200 charged minutes on the other plan.

    I decided to stay on the 1500 minute plan because they can actually take off the discount (23%) whereas the 1600 minute plan it was already discounted. Apples to apples (almost) it was actually cheaper to stick with the 1500 minute plan with my discount (by about $10/month).

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