Connecting phone using a VDI



Hi there,

I am currently using a VDI serverd by Citrix Xenserver and would like to try and connect my Samsung Galaxy S to it so as to start developing some apps.

When I attach the phone I get prompted to install it on the physical client and not the VDI. I can see the phone from the physical but not the VDI.

Thinclient (physical) is running locked down Windows XP
VDI is running Windows XP
CDC = Citrix Xendesktop server 4.0.4522.0
VDI is hosted on VMWare ESXi4.0 Cluster

I have tried a number of combinations of installing the drivers on physical, VDI, both and one or the other but to no avail. I seems as though the VDI just doesn't want to recognise the phone.

I am able to connect my BlackBerry and USB flash drive to same config on same USB port.

Any visualisation experts out there that can assist?