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CryptoSafe & Deniable Encryption

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mekDroidGeek, Jun 14, 2011.

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    May 8, 2011

    May 8, 2011
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    Hello Folks!

    I would like to bring to your attention CryptoSafe, our newest Android security app.

    CryptoSafe is a professionally developed Android application that allows you to store your sensitive information, passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, etc. safely and securely inside an encrypted database.

    A unique feature of CryptoSafe is that it allows you to create multiple passwords and to maintain multiple sets of entries. If one of your passwords is stolen or compromised the other passwords are still safe. If your phone is confiscated, or if you are forced to reveal your password, you can always keep some harmless-looking set of "Decoy" data encrypted under an alternate password, give up that one and keep the real entries secret.

    This feature is called "Deniable Encryption" and it is only one of the ways in which CryptoSafe maintains the confidentiality of your private information, as CryptoSafe has been carefully hardened against attacks, much more than other password apps in the Android Market.

    Many clients will not be comfortable entering their most sensitive personal information in an application that has the INTERNET permission. CryptoSafe Pro is for them ... the exact same app as CryptoSafe Lite but with all the advanced features enabled, deniable encryption for any number of entries, no INTERNET permission and no ads.

    Android Market Links:
    CryptoSafe Pro: https://market.android.com/details?i....cryptosafepro

    CryptoSafe Lite: https://market.android.com/details?i...cryptosafelite

    The CryptoSafe Backup Helper: https://market.android.com/details?i...febackuphelper


    • Strong Triple-DES+AES Encryption
    • Deniable Encryption
    • Encrypted Database
    • Multiple Passwords
    • Passwords NOT stored in the phone
    • Encrypted Backup to SD Card
    • Encrypted Backup to e-mail
    • Encrypted Backup to Google Docs
    • Encrypted Backup to FilesAnywhere
    • Remote Wipe via SMS
    • Easy browse to websites
    • Automatic Timeout
    • Duress Password
    • Stealth Mode
    • Self-Destruct

    Separate Forms for:

    • Website Passwords
    • Bank Accounts
    • Credit Cards
    • Notes
    • Private Contacts

    Deniable Encryption

    This is the only password application in the Android Market that supports "Deniable Encryption". This feature gives you the ability to *plausibly* deny having specific information stored in your phone.

    Easy Browse

    CryptoSafe has a quick Browse button for anything that has a URL. The password is copied to the clipboard.

    Encrypted Database

    The database is kept encrypted at all times and the entries are only decrypted on the fly, as you access them. CryptoSafe never stores (or exports) your information in any other form.

    Remote Wipe

    If your phone is stolen CryptoSafe Pro has a Remote Wipe option that allows you to send your phone a text message to wipe the database.

    Duress Passwords

    CryptoSafe allows you to designate one or more of your passwords as "Duress" and deletes the real data when you log in under that password

    Stealth Mode

    CryptoSafe allows you to switch to Stealth Mode in which all the references, documentation and menu items related to the Deniable Encryption and Duress features are hidden from view.

    Hardening against Dictionary Attacks

    CryptoSafe (all versions) has been professionally hardened against attacks, including an off-line Dictionary Attack, which is the most dangerous form of attack against applications that have a local database, as is the case with all the password apps in the Android Market.

    Please read the section in the documentation called "About Strong Passwords". It explains the technology behind Dictionary Attacks and how CryptoSafe protects your data against this form of attack

    Backup Options

    CryptoSafe gives you four options to back-up your data in encrypted form:

    1) to the SD Card from the app itself
    2) To your e-mail account as an attachment
    3) To FilesAnywhere
    4) To your Google Docs account

    Please look for the CryptoSafe Backup Helper in the Android Market


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