Data usage. Tips/tricks? ??

I'm on verizon. I Don't stream Music or vids cause I know it's a data sucker . The thing is I like to do both. I don't have any available Wi-Fi at my pad. So I use my comp and phone on my acct. It's hard to keep data usage down. Any tips? Tricks?


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Im sure ive seen an app that condenses all incoming data the same as Opera Mini browser does. Anyone know what its called and if it works with video streaming?
My second suggestion is.. wait for it... opera mini browser lol. Their servers condense the data meaning you use less data and get faster browsing. Im not sure if it works with flash though(?)


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Turn off sync (including in individual apps like e-mail, FB, Twitter, News & Weather etc etc).

Select lower quality streams (e.g. avoid anything that's HD).

Hang out in places that have free WiFi ;)
Is there a main sync option in settings or does this have to be done app to app?


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I'm curious, do you have any sort of internet connection on your computer, at all?

Assuming your computer is getting internet via a hard line connection of some sort, you have some options.

1.) Look into something called "reverse tethering", its a technique that allows your computer to share its internet connection with your phone (as opposed to the other way around).

2.) If your computer already has Bluetooth or normal Wi-Fi abilities, you can use those to turn your system into a "Wi-Fi hotspot" that you own. Your phone can then use its own Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth, if that's what your computer's using) to connect it and stream as it (and you) please without needing to be right next to it.

3.)Probably the most relatively expensive solution, but you can by a wireless router. Plug your internet cable into the router, then plug the router into your computer, and connect to the router's Wi-Fi with your phone. Want to switch internet providers down the line? No problem, just hook the router to the new setup and it'll still work -- it'll pay for itself down the line.