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Deleting Music

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by billynibbles, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. billynibbles

    billynibbles Newbie
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    I thought I'd add some of my own music to the /music directory of the sd card. All good so far. Transferred a shed-load of files over via Windows Explorer.

    Then I got round to deleting the hald dozen sample files put there by HTC as the music wasn't to my taste and was taking up room. This seemed to go well too, but the artists, and track titles still appear on the HTC Music app, the only difference being that they now state that they are an unplayable format (HTC-speak for 'they're not there' I guess). Is there some other file I have to edit when getting rid of all traces of this music?

    Will I have the same problem if I delete my own selections?


  2. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    Did you delete the tracks from the /music directory with Windows Explorer or via the 'Music' app? I think what might have happened is that you've got rid of the file, but not the database information that's stored on the phone.

    To delete from the 'Music' app, Music > Menu (the screen menu icon furthestleft, not the soft key) > All songs (the notes icon) > long press on each individual song you want to delete > Delete. (It's the same process when you want to delete complete albums, artists or playlists; just select the relevant icon.)
  3. andro1d1na

    andro1d1na Lurker

    i'm having a similar problem if anyone could help
    i downloaded music onto my desire s (from a music downloader on the phone) and now i cant delete the songs i dont want. i just dont seem to have a delete option no matter what i try
  4. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    Are you trying to delete from the stock 'Music' app? Do those downloaded songs show up there, in the 'Music' app? If so, what happens when you press the menu icon (bottom left of the screen, not the soft key) > press the 'two musical notes' icon to get 'All songs', then long press on a song you want to delete to get a window? What options do you get on that window?

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