Desire HD colour


Just a quick question, how many colours does the phone come in? This is going to sound VERY picky, but I'd prefer the black phone. After going to CPW I was shown what looked to be a black phone, but the description was 'Brown'. Does anyone have a decent picture of the two? :thinking:


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The brown/copper one will probably be the only one you can get.

Orange had a monopoly on the all-black desire so will probably get that on this phone too.

CPW do seem to have point of sale for a silver/grey one but the staff don't think it's really coming


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I believe strongly theres only ONE color, which is mainly black with browinish&copperish backside.

Someone prove me wrong.

I agree. I think that people are getting the usual copper one, which does look mostly black under some lighting.

Staff in P4U / CPW seem oblivious to this.

Someone with a supposedly all black one please post a picture with decent lighting and we'll see.

I think there may be an all black one, at some point as there was with the original desire but suspect it will be a direct orange branded phone only.