Disabling SenseUI


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Wondering if it is possible to disable the SenseUI skin from the Legend?

This is, I mean, able to enable it again when I feel like it.
I see "HTC Sense" in Manage Applications..what would happen if I press "Force stop" under controls, or Clear Data?

Just wondering, and too chicken to try it myself ><

(at least I admit it amirite?)


If you force stop it, there's always the option to reboot or just yank the battery! ;)

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Is there a way to remove SenseUI it such that 'pure' Android is left? i.e. so we're left with the 'home screen' looking like that on the Nexus One - squares at the bottom and no HTC slider or 'phone' button.


Do not force stop sense, ever!

Look in the market for apps called helix launcher and another called home++. They'll sort you out :p


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I have found the answer for teh people who are still reading this.

This doesn't require any rooting. You are left with the default Android theme, but only 3 homescreens. Also, it runs really fast, and NO lag while kinetic scrolling through my app filled menu(lags a bit on Sense).

Menu>Settings>Manage App>HTC Sense UI > clear default

then press Home hardware key, you get the option to choose whch Home to load, choose "select as default" and then Home. Simple?

You are now on the default theme. On a good note, all your widgets and shortcuts remain the same on Sense as you left it, and when you revert back, will be all there.

How to revert? Follow same instructions as before, except this time you go to Home in the Managa App list, and clear default. Then choose Sense UI when you press the hardware Home key.