Root Do I need to go back to stock to transfer phone to another line?

So I upgraded my phone today to a Droid 2 Global. My question is this...I'm going to transfer my Ally to my wife's line. I currently have FroYo rooted with A FroYo ROM. I followed Trident's guide to get to this point. Do I need to unroot the phone and go back to stock to transfer the phone using Verizon's online activation system, or can I do it with the phone rooted and a custom ROM? If I do need to go back to stock can I follow Trident's guide to get back to ZV6 and then just ignore updates until I get the line transfered? At that point I'm going to reroot the phone if need be. She'll want it rooted for the Wireless Tether option if nothing else.
Thanks for any replies and apologies if this was asked elsewhere. I looked, but did not find! :)


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No need to do anything to the Ally to activate a new phone on your line. Verizon can't tell its rooted unless they have the phone in hand. Just do a factory reset after you activate it on your wifes line and set it up they way she wants it.