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Do you notice any lines or spots burnt into your screen?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by unity04, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. unity04

    unity04 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been using the Galaxy S II for about a month now and during that time frame I've exchanged my phone for a new one twice because on each device I noticed lines and spots burnt into the screen. They're noticeable when I'm on a dark colored background, and when I scroll through say a dark colored web page, there will be lines that flow over everything that are static and appear to be burnt into the screen. Also, I've been playing some N64 games on my phone and have noticed dark circles burnt into the screen when launching the emulator (it has a dark gray background at first)... my concern is, is it possible that I worsened the situation by using emulators? By this I mean that when I use the emulators my fingers are constantly in the same place pressing down hard on the screen for hours on end.. can this burn circles and lines into the screen?

    So yeah.. anyone else notice lines or spots burnt into their screens?


  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    No, fortunately this has not happened to me and having followed this forum from its inception, I don't recall anyone else having experienced it either.

    I have also played N64 games but not for long periods. I very much doubt that pressing hard on the screen would make any difference as the screen is glass and very solid. If you are pressing hard enough to bend a glass screen, you must be pressing VERY hard indeed and your thumbs would hurt.
  3. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    No spots here.
  4. koseyboy

    koseyboy Lurker

    I've noticed a similar problem on my SGS2. I have had it for under a week and when I look at a black screen in a dark room there are shapes and a line which are black and the rest of the screen glows a lighter black. I notice it also when watching movies in the dark and it also does it in the black LCD test page. It is not noticeable in a light room, only dark. Do you think I should get it replaced?

    I also seem to have a cool bluish tint to my screen, which I especially notice on white backgrounds and when tilting the phone. Is this normal also?

    Thanks for your help guys.
  5. lankunit

    lankunit Member

    Sounds like a faulty screen, the shapes and lines should not be there regardless of the lighting. However the tint was present in most phones like mine except it has disappeared after firmware update so I'm not sure if its hardware or software related. You should get it replaced.
  6. zayeshk

    zayeshk Lurker

    I too have this in my phone, its visible when i go to a very dark room and view a completely black background,its visible in the screen test as well, the bottom area appears more dark than the others and in the side there are some lines as well, but its not visible in the daily life or doesnt appear in any other activities, what concerns me is whether this will worsen in the future, i have a one year warranty so i guess i will wait for a few months and see
  7. TheTrueSpin

    TheTrueSpin Android Enthusiast

    I have this to. In fact, so do 2 of my friends with SGS2s. I think all have it, people just dont look properly.
  8. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    I don't understand why you are all going into dark rooms to look at a black screen. How can being completely black in a dark room be a useful feature in a phone?
  9. lucasv1179

    lucasv1179 Newbie

    Yeah, I have the same problem. And it's pretty distracting say, when you're browsing a website for example you tend to notice the very faint lines remaining static as you scroll the page. I don't think it should look like that, though. You should claim you warranty.
  10. DrunkFuX

    DrunkFuX Lurker

    I just got a SGS2 as well and i have this same problem as well... i thought i was losing my mind because i prefer black wallpapers etc and hence i can see those lines and blotches very clearly... never had any such problem on my SGS1... very very disappointing...

    And its not like were looking for flaws... this is quite blatantly obvious... like im surprised ppl wouldnt notice such a thing... anytime a black screen comes on you can notice the problem...
  11. ajh94

    ajh94 Android Expert

    i am having the exact same problem, and in a dark room on a completely black screen it looks like a dark grey with black splodges, wondering whether to get it exchanged
  12. ajh94

    ajh94 Android Expert

    I also have the static lines like when on the google homepage which is white... i actually started a thread up about this last week but didnt get that many replies
  13. mobile363

    mobile363 Member

    my gf and i both have GS2 and we both have this issue. Its not noticeable unless im using the phone in the dark. I have burn from the top bar. and burn from reading too much text on my phone. I have lines going across. I was thinking of sending it in for warranty but seems to be common
  14. ajh94

    ajh94 Android Expert

    i was thinking of exchanging as i only had it a week and i am still under 30 days to exchange but seems like everyones is like it so probably best not to bother
  15. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Android Expert

    Have the red tinge in a fully dark room with black screen. It doesn't really bother me specially since its not in blotches. Just guessing the pixels are still lighted even in a black wallpaper.

    But if its in blotches, either the wall paper haves shades of black, or I suggest you get it exchanged since that might mean a problem with the screen.
  16. lucasv1179

    lucasv1179 Newbie

    I too have the "static lines". What you can do to minimize them is download an app called "Screen Filter". This app creates a black layer of variable opacity and for a reason i dont understand it makes the static lines not show. this is a workaround, obviously. i would have the phone serviced if i were you.
  17. I have the static lines problem. I also experience some form of screen burn too where i can see remnants of the previous screens widgets.

    It's started doing this since the temperature has dropped going into autumn/winter. Once the phone warms up it all disappears. I am insured so just going to deal with it for now.
  18. dinoco91

    dinoco91 Lurker

    HI GUYS I HAVE the same problem.like the winter came i can see those line in the top of the screen in white background.im alwas check it if its there on WHATSS UP app.,im really upset about it .at the beginning it appeared when i was outside with the phone,but when the phone warmed up little bit inside it has disappeared.but now its all the time there,no matter if the phone is warm inside or cold outside. : (
  19. crowncrow

    crowncrow Lurker

    hi ..i wana ask .. y my galaxy s2 dun have operator line.. dun hv any network line.. even sim card still inside.. my sim card no problm.. how to settle tis?
  20. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    It could also be that "others" are looking IMPROPERLY as under normal circumstances, my screen look to be perfect.

    But then I am not OCD and choose to enjoy my device rather than spend my time looking for things wrong.:p
  21. paddylaz

    paddylaz Member

    There is a LOT of variation with galaxy s2 screens...I'm not sure whether this is because a) there is a quality control issue
    b) the super amoled plus technology by nature/development results in variation.

    I think b's most likely. I've seen 'phenomena' of some sort or other on most gs2's I've seen either belonging to friends or in phone showrooms. Please don't listen to anyone who says it's never been reported. It's everywhere. The only question you need to ask yourself is how much it bothers you in practicality.

    My first gs2 had major lines in the background, a yellow tint, and the screen brightness was way to dark. My new gs2 has very faint lines, normal screen brightness range and a yellow tint but only at VERY low brightness. So I'm satisfied.

    I think the price you pay for such vibrant colours and deep blacks is occasional....again...'phenomena.' I doubt very much emulation software or anything else is responsible. It's not your fault. The only situation I could possibly imagine software affecting would be if you downloaded one of those 'display programs' that they use in phone shops that are just a never-ending image/carried logo. Which in time might lead to screen burn.
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